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22 May iloftmalaga – Travel with safety

From iloftmalaga we hope that you, your family and friends are facing this exceptional period in the best possible way, and we want to take advantage to thank your trust in us before and after the declaration of the state of emergency in Spain.

In addition, as a priority for us, we want to transmit you all the security you must get to, from now on, travel with certain precautions which were not necessary until the COVID-19 pandemic. So, from now on, our cleaning procedure has ozone injection, which guarantees total effectiveness against coronavirus.

Different scientific studies have shown that ozone, because of its high oxidation capacity, it aggressively attacks the external wall of these microorganisms. And also, it damages their nucleic acids, so the destruction is total. Obviously, it does not affect human beings.

At the same time, we have adapted our cleaning protocol to the new guidelines by the National Security Institute and Occupational Health for industrial laundries, which it is intended to avoid any kind of possibility of spreading the virus during the collection and replacement procedure for towels and bedding in our accommodation. These processes are endorsed by the Spanish Technical Cleaning Institute (ITEL) and are the recommended ones to guarantee the safety of our travelers.

We trust that we will be able to start our activity shortly and we will continue to pay attention to all the indications which will make sure that your stay with us become, as always, a positive and wonderful experience.