Best Places To Visit In Malaga City

Gibralfaro Castle

Gibralfaro Castle On the hill of Gibralfaro fortress Rahman III became the ancient Phoenician ruins of the Lighthouse site has existed since before the arrival of the Romans. The fort was converted into a castle by the Nazarite King Yusuf I in 1340 to house the troops and protect the Alcazaba in sieges. The castle was taken in 1487 as a residence by King Ferdinand. Listed as a Cultural, Monument category. Currently houses the Gibralfaro Interpretation Centre.

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– Normal: 2, 20 Euros – Joint visit Alcazaba-Gibralfaro: 3.55 Euros – Reduced price: 0.60 Euros. (Price reduced: Malaga residents, children 6 to 16 years, school or student card holders retired or pensioners, large families and general category MALAGACARD users).

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Free tour every Sunday from 14:00 pm until closing. Hours: In summer from 9:00 to 20:00. In winter from 9:00 to 18:00. (Time changes from summer to winter and vice versa coincides with the official change from winter and summer).

Málaga Cathedral “La Manquita”

Málaga Cathedral is one of the richest cathedrals of Renaissance-Baroque style that exist in Spain and the most important and representative monument of the city of Malaga, who is also a visual reference from virtually the entire city.

This building occupies the site of the Muslim mosque, inside the walled Arabic. It was started in the sixteenth century, in the year of 1528 according to project architect Diego de Siloam Burgos during a first phase only the head was built by pillars with half columns with Corinthian capitals.

After a break of more than a century, the works were resumed in the eighteenth century to finish the body of the church, based on large pillars with columns, from which emerge new pillars pilasters that support a network of hemispherical domes .

The result is a Renaissance-Baroque cathedral living room floor without cruise accused in plan with three naves of equal height, although less width to the side. The auction is a header polygonal with ambulatory. The main facade is richly decorated. It is divided vertically into two floors, the lower that of the three doors sheltered by arch on columns with medallions and upper arches.

The most popular of this grand facade is the contrast between the high and the unfinished north tower south, why is called the Cathedral of Malaga, the “Manquita”.

Another notable parts of the Cathedral of Malaga is the Chain Gate open on the north side of SEO. It is a door surrounded by a curious and graceful semi-circular towers, called cubillos, sober in its bottom, as a monumental column (XVI century) and very articulated and decorated in its upper floors (XVIII century).

Roman theater

Period: Century I D.C. The Roman theater is located at the foot of the Alcazaba. It was discovered in 1951 when it was carrying out the realization of a garden that was to be found at the entrance of the House of Culture. The theater was built in the time of Augustus and was used until the third century, then was used as a quarry of materials by the Arabs to the restructuring of the Alcazaba, and can be found within this capitals and shafts of Roman columns.

Today is exposed entrance gallery proscenium (stage) which was covered by a barrel vault, part of the orchesta of about 15 m, the cavea with 3 tiers and radio 31 m high and 16 m the vomitorium or gates to the stands.

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Schedule Monday closed. Sundays and holidays (and Monday before holidays) from 10:00 to 16:00 h. Summer: Tuesday 12:00 to 20:00 h. From Wednesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:30 h. Winter: Tuesday 10:00 to 18:00 h. From Wednesday to Saturday from 9 to 19:00. Closed 24, 25 and December 31, January 1 and May 1.

Museums to visit in Malaga

Picasso`s Málaga Museum

Picasso`s Málaga Museum is one of the two galleries devoted to Pablo Picasso in his hometown sitas Malaga (Spain), by the Foundation. The two hundred eighty-five works collected MPM collection include Picasso’s revolutionary innovations, as well as the wide variety of styles, materials and techniques that dominated. From the first academic studies to his vision of classicism, through the overlapping planes of Cubism, ceramics, their interpretations of the great masters and the latest paintings of the seventies. The Museo Picasso Málaga Foundation. Legado Paul, Christine and Bernard RuizPicasso is intended that the work of Pablo Picasso is preserved, exhibited, studied and disseminated. Conceives Museo Picasso Málaga as core momentum projection and cultural and social, to citizens to visit, not only for the enjoyment of heritage but also to be participants in educational activities and cultural services beneficiaries.

Picasso´s Birthplace Museum

On the birthplace of artist Pablo Picasso Malaga is Picasso Foundation. In its rooms you can see the items that testify the first days of life of Picasso, in this house, objects, photographs, a youthful self-portrait. And highlight the Serra Collection 25 Picasso ceramics, five years provided by the Foundation for the collector and entrepreneur Mallorcan Pere A. Serra.


Open Monday to Sunday from 9.30 to 20.00 h. Closed holidays. RATE Museum and temporary exhibition: 1 € Free admission: Over 65 years Youth under 17 (accompanied by an adult) Students under 26 accredited.

Carmen Thyssen`s Málaga Museum

Carmen Thyssen Museum is an art gallery located in the heart of Málaga with a collection of over 230 works, among which the nineteenth-century Spanish painting, framed painting chronological period between the figures of Francisco de Goya and Pablo Picasso special attention to Andalusian painting. With spaces devoted to Old Masters themselves, the Preciosity and the naturalist landscape, the museum also includes a library among others spaces, rooms for temporary signs, the museum shop, restaurant section and a showroom Roman archaeological emerged from the restoration of the building in which the center is located.


-Permanent Collection: General: 6 euros Reduced: 3,50 euros – Exposure time: 4 euros and reduced 2.50 euros – Combined ticket: 8 euros and reduced: 4.50


Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00 h. Closed on Mondays.


Compañia Street, 10, Malaga.

Málaga wine Museum

The Wine Museum in Malaga is located in the Palace of Biedmas, XVIII century building, and this museum is one of the many things to do in Malaga. The history, culture and training about the wines of the province of Malaga in their rooms features an exhibition of more than 400 lithographs, wine labels, etc.. Tasting Room, Lecture Hall, Classroom Training, Store. It is also headquarters of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin “Malaga”, “Sierras de Málaga” and “Malaga raisins.” Dissemination Center wine culture and wine produced in Málaga, a center that promotes training, dissemination and promotion of the wines of Malaga.

Car Museum

An extraordinary private collection with 6,000 square metres of exhibition space, it is displayed 13 thematic areas that describe the different styles that are characteristic of the artistic evolution from the 20th century. Almost a hundred cars, restored at the highest level, that go along with more than 200 haute couture pieces and contemporary art designs that belong to an only person.

Centre Pompidou Málaga

The Centre Pompidou Malaga is the first one that this Parisian art institution has opened outside France. The Centre Pompidou will be inaugurated in spring 2015 in an unique building, known as “the Cube”, which was built in 2013 in the special space of the seaport, located near the numerous cultural and tourist attractions of the city.

Top Restaurants In Malaga

Wineries “El Pimpi”

Located on Calle Granada, “EL PIMPI” is one of the most ancient of Malaga. Decorated in Andalusian style with wine barrels and geraniums in the windows, with a spacious courtyard where you can taste its delicious tapas. Among these, highlight the ligeritos of pringar and back fat. Frequented by many personalities that fill the barrels with their autographs, then you will be enveloped by the atmosphere and magic of Andalusia. Once a month are performed flamenco performances.

Best Beaches in Malaga City

Malaga’s beaches have historically marked the character and development of the city and today are one of the most valuable identity that comprise the capital of the Costa del Sol’s.

Main objective Beaches area of Málaga City is to develop and implement tools to facilitate and ensure the proper management of the city’s beaches. This will work throughout the year, demonstrating the value of beaches, improving services and optimizing their resources, so each summer users can enjoy them.

Malagueta Beach

Measuring 1200 m long and 45 m wide, La Malagueta is the beach located closest to the Port of Malaga to the east. It is one of the most visited beaches by the inhabitants of Malaga due to its links with the city and its easy access.

Misericordia Beach

This beach probably takes its name from the location of a provincial asylum and hospice known as the Casa de la Misericordia, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century and in operation until 1978. Today the building houses the Civic Centre.
La Misericordia Beach is approximately 2000 m long and around 30 m wide. It is one of Malaga’s most popular beaches and some 19th century chimneys, which are vestiges of Malaga’s industrial past, still line its seaside promenade.

did you know? Bathers on La Misericordia Beach have to be careful and aware of a phenomenon which happens once a day and makes the tide rise quickly, drenching bather’s towels, beach umbrellas and personal belongings. This phenomenon is none other than the wave caused by the wake of the high-speed vessel that plies the Malaga – Melilla route – better known as the “Melillero” – slowing down as it enters the port.

Other interesting beaches at Málaga province

Burriana or Calahonda beaches

Located in Nerja, on the east of Málaga province. Clean and deep blue water is waiting for you.

Los Álamos beach

This beach offer a lot of beach bars adapted to nightlife. It is certainly one of the most popular nightlife areas throughout the Málaga province.

Santa Ana beach

On Benalmádena, nestled close to Puerto Marina, this is the beach that belongs to the town of Benalmádena, which runs parallel to the promenade. They emphasize the football and volleyball facilities have been arranged in the sand.

Los Boliches beach

On Fuengirola. The area enjoys a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with average annual temperatures of 18 ° C, annual rainfall of 500 l/m², and nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, a factor that makes it one of the main attractions of the area.

Butibamba beach

Situated in Cala de Mijas, in a highly urbanized area, is a narrow beach just 20 m wide and about 1,300 in length. The overlying water usually calm and generally tends to have a high level of occupancy. It is easily accessible on foot and has many services which include unguarded parking, hire of sunbeds, umbrellas and water.

Cabopino beach

Located in the western part of the Malaga Province, La Cala de Mijas pass just before Marbella, next to the marina of Cabopino.

Torre del Mar beach

Extremely long beach, belongs to the resort town of Velez Málaga, where many rise apartment buildings along the promenade. The growing areas, near the sea, offering the natural counterpoint against cement constructions

Faro beach on Marbella

Is one of the busiest in the Marbella coast, as it is right in front of the resort town. Presides over a great lighthouse place that names the same.

La Carihuela beach

Located in Torremolinos, is a cosmopolitan beach and busy core which concentrate a large number of hotels, entertainment and dining. It is precisely the food sector which has made this coastal strip Torremolinos has achieved deserved fame has crossed all borders, and all for the singular “fish” served in the restaurants in this area

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Punta de la Plata beach

Shortly before reaching the resort of Estepona, a number of buildings surrounded by lush greenery placed in front of this magnificent beach, very popular with bathers.