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Feel the heartbeat of Malaga – Rent an apartment in the centre

Renting apartments in Malaga to enjoy the holiday is becoming more and more widespread just as anywhere else in the world. The advantages are obvious: you enjoy more privacy, you can move freely without being subjected to schedules and it is more economical.

The apartments in the city centre of Malaga are the best option if you want to enjoy fully all that the capital has to offer … to have everything close at hand: the historic centre, museums and shops. In the centre of any city life is intense and you can just walk around, or, in case you want to get away a little from the inner city, they are various means of transport available to the travellers.

Why renting an apartment in the centre of Malaga is the best option

Malaga city offers visitors a great range of cultural activities, it has a historic city centre with numerous monuments, and also the entertainment possibilities are endless here, so it seems very exciting to rent apartments in the centre of Malaga, especially if you are one of those who likes to walk around, to see the crowds in the streets, to visit museums and to enjoy the heart of the city.

The advantages of an apartment rental in Malaga City

Besides, this type of accommodation offers important advantages:

Renting an apartment in downtown Malaga is cheaper than if you decide to stay a hotel in a similar location. Any hotel offers only one room, while the amplitude and the space are much greater when you rent an apartment.

It is ideal renting an apartment in the center if you are traveling with friends or children, since you can share more things and enjoy the journey together. It has all the facilities and equipment necessary for you, the same as you find in your own home.

All apartments have a kitchen and a washing machine. You will save a great deal if you decide to buy in a supermarket in the area and to prepare your meals in the apartment. Otherwise, if you do not have this opportunity, your expenses in bars and restaurants will be considerable. As you can wash the clothes, you won’t have to pay for the laundry.

Rent an apartment in Malaga’s downtown – Best offers at iLoftmalaga

If you choose to rent an apartment in Malaga centre, Iloftmalaga offers the following possibilities:

  1. Area of ​​Calle Larios Plaza de la Constitution: In the heart of Malaga, where you can experience the essence and the charm of this wonderful city in the best possible location.
  2. The Malagueta Area: apartments and lofts with stunning sea views and in the centre of Malaga, where you can enjoy the best views of the city: the cathedral, the port or the Alcazaba
  3. Zone Soho: a multifaceted, cutting-edge and ground-breaking area. It is ideal for young and restless. Here you can find some spectacular graffiti decorating the facades of buildings, alternative shops and very special people.

You will feel the heartbeat of the city if you decide to rent our apartments and lofts in downtown Malaga …  Dare to experience something different on your next trip!

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