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27 Sep Picasso Museum in Malaga. Origin of the artist

Malaga has become a space of national and international reference because of the number of museums and cultural choices  around the city.. One of the emblems of the city is, definitely, the brilliant artist Picasso, who was born in Malaga and where there is one of the biggest art galleries dedicated to the painter:Picasso Museum and Picasso-Casa Natal Foundation.

The Picasso Museum. Pure art

The Museum has revolutionary and innovative works of the MPM collection. It’s possible to contemplate a wide variety of styles, materials and dominated skills. It takes from their beginnings, through its classicist vision and, finally, the superimposed planes of cubism. You could find as well different Picasso ceramics, interpretations of great masters, the last paintings of the seventies…

It also has temporary exhibitions of different painters and organizes a large number of children activities to make known to the most little ones of the house the legacy of this universal artist.

Palace of the Counts of Buenavista: Museum Headquarter

It’s a Palace of Renaissance architecture from the 16th century. It’s one of the most emblematic civil buildings in the city, due to its large plot. It has a perfect location and it was the chosen place to host the work of Picasso and become in a Museum.

This two-floors building around a porticoed courtyard had different uses throughout the History, and it didn’t need important changes of refurbishment. Already in the 50s, it was refurbished to be the headquarters of the Museum of Fine Arts, and finally, it has become Picasso Museum.

It’s located right in the center of the capital on San Agustín Street, next to Alcazabilla Street, where you can find the Roman Theatre and Alcazaba. Its great location gives more monumental importance to the area, where there is already the Aduana Palace, Cathedral, Central Park and Plaza de La Merced, where the Picasso’s Birth House is located.

IloftMalaga Apartments: the heart of Malaga

IloftMálaga apartments are in the heart of the city, like Calle Larios,  Plaza de la Constitución or Calle Nueva, where you could arrive easily to all our cultural offer, monuments and museums.