Semana Santa Málaga 2016
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When does the holy week take place in Malaga in 2016?

Easter, deeply rooted in the heart of Andalusia and Malaga traditions, begins on Palm Sunday, which commemorates for Catholics the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem with palm leaves and ends on Easter Sunday, and we can see it this year from 20th to 27th March.

The holy week in Malaga – Tradition vs. modernity

The Holy Week in Malaga, a religious event, of great social and cultural character, was declared as International Tourist Interest in 1980 and it has deep roots among local people. Malaga is the perfect combination of modernity and tradition, and this ancestral tradition dates back to the time of the Catholic Monarchs, and has been held continuously for more than 500 years. Millions of tourists attracted by the spectacle of the thrones and an excellent weather visit the city during these celebrations.

Malaga – The passion of a city in the holy week

The spectacle of the thrones of Holy Week in Malaga makes it unique, and, unlike other places in Andalusia where the processional images are carried by bearers, in Malaga the men of the throne are bearing the images on his shoulders, some over 5,000 kilos of weight.

The majesty and exuberance of the thrones, together with the fervour and common religious feelings, turn the streets of Malaga in a real spectacle with thousands of penitents walking with candles, the aroma of incense filling the air, and background music featuring Easter with sacred songs and bugles.

The character of Malaga is very different from other places, its cheerful and boisterous people live joyfully celebrating this feast taking images into the streets, striding cheerfully and giving applause. Military parades accompany the images, such as Regular, Marines, Paratrooper Brigade and the Civil Guard.

The landing of the legionaries in Malaga – A show you cannot miss

One of the most notorious events and customs that you can see in the Holy Week in Malaga is the landing of the legionaries who parade to the Plaza de Fray Alonso de Santo Tomas on the Holy Thursday. They carry the processional image of the “Christ of the Good Death” on their shoulders to the monastery nearby, while singing the famous hymn  “I am the boyfriend of death“. The picture does not leave anyone indifferent, accompanied by chants, military formations and it is the moment when popular fervour reaches its peak. The main civil and military authorities of the city are participating, as well as some illustrious personalities like Antonio Banderas, well-known and loved by all Malaga, who usually attend this event.

The attractive and unique event, Easter in Malaga attracts thousands of visitors and tourists coming from all corners of the world, who are surprised by its spectacular processions, by its impressive artistic manifestations and wonderful spring weather … What more could you ask for!