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Spain – A holiday you will never forget

Investigating the network, which has become an open window to the world, offering many possibilities for entertainment, educational, artistic … I have found that many of the visitors and tourists to our country venture to present their experiences, anecdotes and other stories about their time in Spain.

The image of our country in the eyes of a visitor can help us understand and improve the services we offer to you and eventually make your stay as attractive and interesting as possible.

Top 8 reasons to spend your holiday in Spain

Many of those who visit us are captivated by passing through Spain and the slogan I love Spain list all the reasons … do you want to know what they are?

I love Spain … the passion of its people. Everyone knows that the Spanish are very noisy and we express our feelings in a very exaggerated way, as tourists say … hot weather stimulates passion.

I love Spain … for its climate. In the middle of December you can walk along the coast of Malaga in short sleeves, and it is one of the most compelling reasons to appreciate it according to our visitors, especially if they come from northern Europe.

I love Spain … for the holidays. From the north to the south we can enjoy festivals of various kinds from the Bulls in San Fermin, the Tomatina in Buñol, The Fallas in Valencia, the Carnival of Cadiz or Malaga Fair, not to forget the spectacular Easter Week in Malaga.

I love Spain … the siesta. The tradition of the siesta in Spain continues to surprise our visitors It is understandable that in summer heat of up to 38 or 40 degrees everybody needs a break in the middle of the day to rest and renew the strength… Some people love it!

I love Spain … for its history, architecture and beautiful landscapes. Spain has an impressive cultural, artistic, architectural and monumental heritage, and for this reason it has become one of the most attractive global tourist destinations.

I love Spain … for the cuisine. Most visitors are pleasantly surprised by the culinary and gastronomic variety of our country … not only ham and paella. Each region offers typical dishes and traditional home-made sweets to the visitors. The tradition of the tapa (small portion of a dish) in the south or skewed chicken or meat in the north, accompanied by a good wine or a cold beer, is unparalleled.

I love Spain … which still maintains its traditional shops and direct contact with people. The stores like butchers’, bakers’ and delicatessen are still present in our neighbourhoods (unfortunately getting less  common) and this is a novelty for some visitors, because in their country of origin there are only superstores and franchise supermarkets.

“An American girl who spent time living in Spain had been surprised that the butchers whose store she visited once a week called her by name and they would also remember what her favourite meat was.”

I love Spain … because of the traditional kissing. In Spain we give two kisses on the cheek when we met up with friends or when we get introduced to someone for the first time. These kisses are part of the Spanish culture and they subtly reflect the warmth and closeness of the people to everyone.

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