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12 Aug Where to eat the best fried fish in Malaga?

Sand. Beach. Sea water. Promenade. These ingredients are put into a shaker and Malaga comes out. The traditional Malaga. The province of fishermen. The one that has countless kilometers of coastline at its southern end. The land of fried fish. And the fact is that there are many establishments that, on the beachfront, serve this typical dish that many others want to copy, but few do. It is not only in the quality of the fish, the touch that the experienced Malaga chefs give to the marine fruit is difficult for chefs from the inland provinces to give it. That is why from iloftmalaga we want to bring you closer to this special dish with so much tradition in the city, so we are going to discover where to eat the best fried fish in Malaga. Visit with us the places where you must go to guarantee that you will taste the best elaborations of this popular recipe.

Thus, this simple, yet identifiable delicacy becomes a staple for anyone visiting a city that, among other things, is remembered for the good palate and stomach with which its visitors leave.

The best places to enjoy the fried fish

A must-see is, for example, the Central Market, also called Atarazanas. The gastronomic trend has displaced some of the direct sales stalls, to turn them into fries that serve the same fish that they sell, fresh, to the public since the morning. An unbeatable way to taste freshly made anchovies, octopus or lace, without giving up the urban environment of the Historic Center.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who prefer to take the ‘pescaito’ in a more maritime environment, closer to the sea, you can choose to walk through Pedregalejo and its coves, an old fishermen’s neighborhood where you can find an authentic legend in this gastronomic section, such as El Cabra, a pilgrimage site for any person from Malaga who appreciates and recognizes this culinary tradition as their own.

Luckily, they are not the only two spaces where you can enjoy the range of flavors that the bay offers us. Places like El Palo, also of maritime tradition, where Hermanos Alba awaits us, or the towns attached to the city such as Rincón de la Victoria with its Casa Kiko, or Torremolinos with Los Pescadores, put on the table not only the best of the fish market and its kitchens, but all the good work of a legacy of entrepreneurs who, for decades, have been learning and delegating their businesses to the generations who, today, run them and make our city one of the most powerful gastronomic destinations in Spain and Europe.

Travel to malaga and try these dishes

In iloftmalaga we have already approached you on several occasions to the gastronomy of the city. Recently we talked to you about the history of the espeto of sardines, and no doubt together with the fried fish you will discover some flavors that will help you take an unforgettable memory of the flavors of the city. If you are thinking of visiting us, remember that we have a great variety of apartments in Malaga that you can book for your stay. In this way, you have everything you need to get away for a few days, the most comfortable accommodation for your stay and the best gastronomic placeswhere you can try our most traditional recipes.