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31 Aug The best promenades in Malaga

There is no better image when you think of vacations than that visualizing yourself on one of the fantastic promenades of the city of Malaga. Despite the fact that there are other cities in the province with spectacular walks, this time we are going to focus on those that are closer, as there is such a variety and quantity that the most intrepid could walk along the coast from one end of the city of Malaga to the other, reaching as far as the Paseo de los Canadienses and beyond, to the western point where the end of Sacaba Beach is located, directly facing the mouth of the Guadalhorce River and the area of fantastic graffiti on La Pasarela del Guadalhorce.

The promenades that you should not miss in Malaga

Next we are going to propose a great and unforgettable walk to you, so that the most insatiable long walkers can enjoy themselves, in the part that most interests them or in its entirety, starting from the area that is closest to the center of the city, throwing themselves to fully enjoy the best walk of their vacation, both towards where the east appears and the west, embracing the best views of the Alboran Sea.

Promenade of the Port of Malaga

Without a doubt, if you stay in the center of the city of Malaga in one of the fantastic apartments available in the city, the best option is to start with the closest one, which you will find directly walking down to the port. There begins a fantastic walk inside the space called El Palmeral de las Sorpresas, a beautiful park and a large, emblematic and very characteristic pergola of modern construction in the shape of waves, along the entire walk, to shelter visitors from the strong sun, and which gives the promenade its main image.

Paseo marítimo del puerto de Málaga

Antonio Machado Promenade

Towards the western part of the port, once you have passed the promenades of piers 1 and 3, and crossed the Guadalmedina River through the Puente de Hierro or Puente del Puerto, we find the Paseo Marítimo de Antonio Machado. This promenade runs along Huelin beach.

Antonio Banderas Promenade

Once we reach the end of the Antonio Machado promenade in a small park with the same name, we find its continuation, another promenade that, with some similarities and differences, and forming a team with a small part of San Andrés Beach, It is named after the famous actor from Malaga.

Misericordia Beach Promenade

Following the Antonio Banderas Promenade, the next sector is formed by the Paseo de la Playa de la Misericordia, which finally ends at the so-called Playa de Sacaba, before reaching the Guadalhorce River.

Paseo de la Farola

On the other side of the Port of Malaga, that is, on the Eastern Side, on the East or, also called, Where the Levante originates, we find the beginning of the Paseo de La Farola, which runs to the famous lighthouse called “La Farola de Málaga”, surrounded by restaurants and the beginning of multiple delightful trails of different types, worthy of the best selfies.

Matías Prats promenade

This part of the walk, which you can enjoy if you continue towards the end of the pier from the La Farola lighthouse, or you can skip if you return to the anchor roundabout and continue straight east along the Paseo Marítimo Ciudad de Melilla, is a small area of the promenade that starts at the beginning of Malagueta Beach, and will accompany the promenade at all times in different sections.

Paseo Matías Prats de Málaga

City of Melilla Promenade

The name of this promenade corresponds to that of the city that was dependent on Malaga until 1995, the year in which it proclaimed its independence and became an autonomous city. It runs from Paseo de Matías Prats along a part of La Malagueta beach until it reaches the section of Paseo de Pablo Ruíz Picasso.

Paseo Ciudad de Melilla en Málaga

Pablo Ruíz Picasso seafront promenade

This section of the promenade erroneously called “Paseo de La Malagueta” for the simple fact that it runs along the beach of the same name, is one of the most beautiful sections of the promenade, with the addition that it has different parks and green areas, all surrounded by the greatest comforts and all the necessities for a perfect vacation stay.

This promenade goes on until you get beyond the great beach of La Malagueta, specifically to the beach called Playa de Pedregalejo, with its well-known breakwaters, next to Baños del Carmen, to which we have dedicated a section in our blog, and through which the Paseo del Pedregal runs.

You can continue walking along the entire promenade that follows El Palo Beach and the following ones, immediately after El Pedregal, even passing Peñón del Cuervo, and the aforementioned Paseo de los Canadienses, being able to walk until your feet tell you that’s been enough, suggesting that you return to the accommodation.

Ideal accommodation to enjoy the promenade of the city of Malaga

To do this, and thus end this publication with all your needs covered, we present below some perfect apartments in Malaga to start with the best walk of your vacation, including coming back and taking a fantastic shower in one of our magnificent accommodations, such as accommodation Alameda Principal, having an unforgettable dinner on the terrace with your couple, family or friends, such as the one you could enjoy in accommodation Alameda de Colón, and/or even finishing with a cocktail in one of our Jacuzzis with a direct view of the stars and the best parts of the city, just as you could do in our accommodation Constitucion II, thus concluding a fantastic, comfortable and spacious stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Apartamento Alameda Principal de Málaga

If you wish to contact us for receiving information on these and other available accommodations, as well as information on what to do to help you organize your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you choose the perfect option.